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Falafel Platter  18.95

(Hummus, tehini, israeli salad and  falafel balls)


Hummus  14.95

(You can add hot mushrooms, falafel balls or tehini for extra $2.00)

Hummus with beef or chicken  19.95

Combo Salad  13.95

(Any 3 salads)

Nargila Appetizer Small   16.95

(Beets, matbucha, carrots, coleslaw, tomato eggplant and tabouleh)

Nargila Appetizer Large  19.95

(Beets, cabbage, baba ganoush, matbucha, hummus, carrots, tabouleh, tomato eggplant and tehini)

Tahini  13.95

Baba Ganoush  13.95


Beet Salad  13.95

Cabbage Salad  13.95

Coleslaw Salad  13.95

Tomato Eggplant  13.95

Tabbouleh  13.95

Moroccan Carrots  13.95

Spicy Carrots  13.95

Appetizer Deluxe  19.95

(3 Moroccan cigars, 3 kibbeh, 3 falafel balls)

Beef Moroccan Cigars (6 Pieces)  16.95

(Spiced ground beef wrapped in brick dough)

Vegetarian Moroccan Cigars (6 Pieces)  11.95

Potato Moroccan Cigars (6 Pieces)  11.95

Beef Kibbeh (5 Pieces)  16.95

(Bulgur wheat stuffed with meat, onions and spices)

Vegetarian Kibbeh  11.95

Falafel Balls  6.95

Chicken Wings  18.95

(Marinated and char grilled)

Spicy Chicken Wings  18.95

(Marinated and char grilled)

Beef Sliders (3 Pieces)   21.95

Home Fried Potatoes with Mushrooms   15.95





Melawach   10.95

(Yeminite stylr bread served with hard boiled egg and tomato salsa)



Shakshuka   12.95

(Mix of pan cooked fresh chopped tomatoes and eggs with spices)


Classic Italian Style Omelette   12.95

(3 egg omelette with tomato and basil, served with home fries and salad)

Nargila Omelette  18.95

(3 sunny side up eggs , smoked salmon served with home fries and salad)






(All Entrees Come With a Choice of 2 Side dishes!)

Steak Pargit   29.95

(Dark meat chicken marinated with herbs)

Spicy Chicken Wings (16 Pieces)   29.95

(Marinated and char grilled)

Chicken Wings (16 Pieces)  29.95

(Marinated and char grilled)

Spring Chicken Kebab   29.95

(Tender cubes of chicken marinated and char grilled on skewers)

Schnitzel   29.95

(Breaded chicken cutlet)

Chicken Shawarma   29.95

Chicken Breast Kebab  29.95

Chicken Portabello  30.95

(Grilled chicken cutlet and portobello mushrooms on a bed of mesclun salad served with dressing)


Grilled Smoked Chicken Breast   29.95

Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Breast Kebab   30.95





(All Entrees Come With a Choice of 2 Side dishes!)

Beef Burger   23.95 

Koofta Kebab  Moroccan Style  28.95

(Hand chopped beef blended with onion garlic and other spices and chargrilled on skewers)

Beef Shish Kebab  34.95

Short Ribs   39.95

Rib Steak   54.95

Beef Eye Steak   54.95


Mix Grill   49.95

(3 short ribs, 1 lamb chop and 1 kofta kebab)

Nargila Mix  45.95

(1 beef kebab, 1 spring chicken and 1 koofta kebab)



(All Entrees Come With a Choice of 2 Side dishes!)

Adana Kebab   28.95

(Hand chopped lamb seasoned with spicy red pepper and chargrilled on skewers)

Lamb Shish Kebab   34.95

Lamb Chops   44.95

Baby Lamb Chops (4 Pieces)   44.95

Vegetarian Entrees: 


Vegetable Couscous  19.95


 Pasta with vegetables and home made sauce   19.95


Vegetable Burger  19.95


(All Entrees Come With a Choice of 2 Side dishes!)

St Peter  32.95

Salmon Steak  29.95

Stripped Bass  35.95

Dorado  32.95

Red Snapper  35.95

Branzini  35.95



Monday through Friday 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

All entrees come with a choice of 2 FREE side dishes!

Adana Kebab   16.95

Koofta Kebab  16.95

Spring Chicken Kebab  17.95

Chicken Breast Kebab  17.95

Schnitzel  17.95 

Shawarma  17.95 

Beef Shish Kebab  19.95 

Lamb Shish Kebab  19.95 

Beefburger  18.95 


Side Dishes: 

Rice| Beans | Green Beans | French Fries | Sweet Fries| 

Majadara | Couscous | Mashed Potatoes| Israeli Salad |


Lunch Special Menu



Chicken Cutlet  15.95

Chicken Nuggets  15.95

Chicken Wings (Spicy or Regular)  18.95

Beef Burger 15.95

Hot Dog  9.95

Pasta (with sauce or without)  10.95

All served with french fries or rice except pasta


Rice Pilaf  8.95

(Steamed rice)

Buckwheat  8.95

Israeli Salad  11.95

(Chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and parsley with olive oil and lemon juice)

Benas  8.95

(Cooked in tomato sauce with spices and spices)


Green Beans  8.95

(Cooked in tomato sauce with spices and herbs)


French Fries  8.50

(Home made, fresh cut)

Sweet Potato Fries  8.50

Majadara Rice  8.95

(Steamed rice and lentil with sauted onions)


Couscous with Vegetables  10.95

(Steamed semolina with cooked vegetables)

Mashed Potatoes  8.95



Grilled Vegetables  11.95



Falafel Sandwich  9.95



Shawarma Sandwich  14.95

Spring Chicken Sandwich  14.95

Chicken Breast Sandwich  14.95

Schnitzel Sandwich  14.95 

Adana Kebab Sandwich  14.95

Koofta Kebab Sandwich  14.95

Beef Shish Kebab Sandwich  15.95

Lamb Shish Kebab Sandwich  15.95

Vegetarian Sandwich  5.95 




Baklava (3 Pieces)  7.00

Hot Chocolate Cake  8.95 

Pecan Pie (3 Pieces)  7.95

Napoleon  7.95

French Napoleon  7.95

Tiramisu 7.95

Nargila Dessert( Mixed desserts)  9.95

Ice Cream  2.50 


Prigat ( mango, strawberry-banana, apple, grape, peach)  3.00

Soda (coke, sprite, fanta, ginger ale, seltzer, dr. pepper)  3.00

Snapple 3.50 

Tea  3.00 

Turkish Coffee 3.00

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